The school timetable is structured to ensure that the children have at least one English lesson a day; language learning takes place through the reconstruction of real situations (airport, restaurant, metro...) in which the children are placed and encouraged to use the English language as a form of interpersonal communication. In this way, they learn about different registers of communication in a natural way, enrich their vocabulary, improve their communicative skills and find themselves facing and adapting to different circumstances as close to reality as possible.

Knowledge of a second language develops and opens a child's mind to new cultures, making him a true citizen of the world. This is why the English language, being not just a subject but a living language made up of traditions, customs and habits, is enhanced through other subjects (drama, character building, creative writing and social studies).

The students of the Liberi Reggiomonte International School also have the possibility of being placed within the Cambridge circuit and obtain a certificate each year attesting to their level of English issued by external examiners from certifying schools.

The English curriculum focuses on the study of the 4 skills required to obtain the annual Cambridge certification: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

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