Our Approach

An innovative method for creativity and learning that equally focuses on all perspective of the 3 to 6 y.o. children development - cognitive, social, emotional and physical.

The cornerstones on which our project is based on are:



Kids learn best when they are having fun

Art Every child is born an artist. Art is fun, sensory stimulating, playful, inspiring. Art is fundamental to human development and is directly connected to cognition. We are very proud to present our Artelier complete with materials and equipment to carry out a rich Art Program, from painting, design and technology, ceramics, modeling to film making and many others.
Children love Music and Movement. Music education has immense benefits in all areas of childhood development from speech and vocabulary , brain power and memory, self expression to complete sensory experience, just to name a few. Our Staff will also use Music to help children learn about cultural awareness . Our structure has a dedicated music room to execute a well planned music program.
Speech & drama Learning a language is beyond memorizing.
We believe in every child’s ability to have linguistic skills speaking multiple languages. There are so many benefits a child can gain from a Speech and Drama program - from improving oral communication , increasing vocabulary, to building confidence and empathy. These are skills that will stay with the child for life. As an example, a good communication skill is essential for life, helping us make friends, get the most out of school, land the dream job and succeed in that dream job. Our commitment to Speech and Drama is evident from our investment in building a real theater stage for children to embrace the program completely by doing what they love: role playing and acting out.
 Library At Liberi, we place huge importance and emphasis on inspiring children to cultivate the love for reading and creating stories while they enjoy their everyday activities. Early reading for toddlers helps them view books as an indulgence, not a chore. Kids who are exposed to reading are much more likely to choose books over video games or television. Our library boasts tens of thousands English and Italian children books that families can enjoy anytime of the day.



Class sea reading Babies start to learn languages while they are in the womb and it is during the early years, from zero to six, that a child shows uncanny ability to absorb language in all its complexities.
The latest research on bilingualism indicates that the benefits of learning a second language exceeds the ability to communicate with other cultures. It highly improves overall cognitive and emotional development.
Our English literacy program is enjoyable and helps children to build both their critical thinking and language skills. We teach both sound and words recognition, comprehension and composition to help kids boost both their reading and writing skills.
Class jungle The development of a mathematical mind is a natural process that happens when young children are given the opportunity to observe the natural world around them and are introduced to concrete arithmetic, geometry and algebra materials in a fun way.
At LIBERI, we create math as a fun and engaging learning experience. The strucure is equipped with plenty of math games and even a kitchen lab as a support to the teaching process.
We will help to lay the first bricks for the mathematical mind by teaching: • Geometry • Association of quantity and numeral • Decimal system • The four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) • Abstract works
Class sea STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM is everywhere in our world. Today, children engage with Technology daily. It is important to create Engineering awareness at an early age prompting kids to question how the environment all around them is “built”- from the houses, roads, cars, electric appliances they use etc. Our structure is equipped with many learning tools to provide many hands on and minds on activities for children, making these concepts both fun and interesting. A quality STEM program helps children tremendously in boosting problem solving skills, teasing at the same time their curiosity as they discover how things work.



Climbing Our building is carefully designed and built with a Play-Learn indoor and outdoor environment approach. Children are led to meaningful play that helps them explore  every aspect of a healthy, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.
Our play program looks at the different ways children engage in play and it provides countless types of play opportunities as: creative play, physical play, language play, exploratory play, manipulative play, social dramatic play, construction play.